About Us

With a shared passion for all things food, we decided to embark on our Bulut-tong journey after realizing there was a real lack of nutritious, additive-free meat-based snacks available in the market place.

We spoke to our friend and local butcher, and arranged to rent some space on their premises to give Biltong production a go. After a lot of early mornings practicing slicing, drying, tasting different flavours, and sampling with friends and family, we’ve managed to produce something that we think not only tastes fantastic, but is also Cornish made.

We’ve been friends for 13 years, meeting through a mutual love of sport; rugby in particular. Coming from a small town in Cornwall, we realise the importance of living healthy active lifestyles, making sure that we are really aware of the foods we put into our bodies and what they’re made up of. We’ve always talked about going into business together: property development, selling sports gear, opening a restaurant…and now producing Biltong.

Buluttong production happens weekly, where we both find time in our busy schedules and around our other jobs to get together and try out new flavor combinations. Great care is taken to remove all excess fat from our silverside of beef, before it is tenderised and washed with malt vinegar. The meat is rubbed well by hand, and spices are kneaded into it. The magic really happens when the meat is left to marinate in all the good stuff for up to 4 days. This allows the vinegar and spices to fully infuse the beef. After the marinating process, the meat is hung in our drying cabinets until all the moisture has been removed, leaving a healthy-salt beef snack that tastes fantastic.